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Huile Bénéfique is a before and after sun dry oil that contains a treasure trove of botanical oils as well as flower and plant macerates. Botanical oils like sesame seed and coconut oil help maintain the epidermis and prevent dehydration. Sunflower seed and apricot kernel oil nourish the skin, maintain moisture levels and restore suppleness. Flower macerates such as frangipani and tiare flower extracts restore the skin’s silky softness whilst plant macerates which are rich in carotenoids, including carrot, tomato and annatto extracts help accelerate, deepen and unify the suntan. Huile Bénéfique’s non-greasy formula provides a protective film and enhances your tan leaving the skin radiantly healthy and delicately scented.


All Skin Instants®.

Ideal for Skin Instants® that are tanned, dehydrated and/or delipidated.

Main ingredients:

Nourishing, regenerating and soothing agents: Coconut, Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel Oils, Frangipani and Tiare Flower Extracts.

Antioxidant and protecting agents: Sesame Seed Oil, Rosemary and Annatto Extracts.

Activating agents: Carrot and Tomato Extracts.