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Peeling for the treatment of melasma and other melanin hyperpigmentation.

Melanostop peel is a water-alcohol solution containing azelaic acid (20%), resorcinol (10%) and phytic acid (6%). This is an effective formula that uses the combined effects of the three constituents of its exfoliants to inhibit the formation of abnormal melanin pigmentation and break the cohesion of keratinocytes in the cornea. This improves the renewal of the epidermis, increases its thickness, the skin becomes much lighter.

  • Azelaic acid: has antibacterial action and normalizes the process of keratinization of the follicles. Slows the process of melanogenesis, acting on hyperactive melanocytes (antiproliferative effect), lightening and reducing pigmentation.
  • Resorcinol: a phenol derivative with keratolytic and regenerating properties. It has a lightening effect, eliminates hyperpigmentation.
  • Phytic acid: actively binds to copper, inhibits tyrosinase and thus provides a lightening effect.


Chemical peel Melanostop peel
50 ml, pH 0.9, Aqueous-alcoholic solution



  • Epidermal pigmentation
  • Surface pigmentation
  • Sunny lentigo
  • Freckles
  • Dull skin with uneven tone

Suitable for treating skin hyperpigmentation

This formula was developed specifically for the treatment of melasma and other melanin hyperpigmentation, especially those that are localized in the epidermis.
Melanostop peel is recommended for all photo-types of the Fitzpatrick scale, although for photo-types V and VI it is always necessary with caution. In each case, the feasibility of peeling should be determined by a professional.
Maximum peeling exposure time is 5 minutes. The peeling is washed off with water, only then a neutralizer is applied.


Given the characteristics of this type of treatment, it is necessary to recommend to the client home depigmenting care to optimize the results obtained from a specialist. Melanogel anti-spot cream depigmenting cream, which allows you to slow melanogenesis and eliminate hyperpigmentation. The composition of this cream inhibits the enzymatic mechanisms of melanogenesis.