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Stimulates new collagen and elastin fibre formation, ideal for cosmetic treatment of small wrinkles and skin photo-aging

Lactic acid peel that stimulates production of new collagen and glycosaminoglycans, components of the dermal matrix. It has a natural moisturizing effect on the skin as a result of attracting water molecules to the stratum corneum, stimulating ceramide synthesis and enhancing and modulating the barrier function. Indicated for sensitive, dry and thinning skin and delicate areas such as the neck and décolleté due to being highly tolerated by skin.


Mesoestetic lactic peel increases production of ceramides via keratinocytes, to hydrate the skins corneum layer and prevents it’s dehydration forming a barrier.


Composition: Lactic acid 30%

  • Azelaic acid 20%  -  Antibacterial and antiproliferative agent with anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating properties. Normalizes follicular keratinization suited to flaky skins and/or those displaying early signs of wrinkles and skin aging.
  • Salicylic acid 20% -  Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) with a strong keratolytic and comedolytic effect; it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, astringent and anti-aging properties


Due to the nature of this type of condition, it is necessary to prescribe a home care treatment to optimize results obtained at the clinic and recommend good daily cleansing.

Facial cleanser: use the purifying cleanser every morning and evening to remove excess sebum, dead cells and impurities.

Treatment cream: use the purifying cream to unblock clogged pores and get rid of comedones, excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Mask: apply the purifying face mask once a week for deep cleansing


Bottle  50 ml peel ,  50 ml Post-Peel Spray