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Mesopeel Piruvex 

 Medium-depth peel indicated for skin that has been previously prepared with superficial peels


Peel combining pyruvic acid 40% and lactic acid 10%. Indicated as a treatment against moderate to severe aging, it penetrates to the papillary dermis.

Moderate to severe grade III to IV aging, advanced photoaging. Deep-set wrinkles. Uneven skin tone. Sagging skin. Epidermal hyperpigmentation. Medium and deep acne scars.

Combined peel:

- Pyruvic acid 40% Alpha-keto acid with keratolytic, antimicrobial and sebostatic properties. Its high acidity and low molecular size give it outstanding transepidermal penetration capacity. Pyruvic acid is also physiologically converted to lactic acid (AHA) to allow gradual exfoliation without drying the skin out too much. It increases homogenization of the papillary dermis and stimulates collagen, elastin and dermal glycoprotein synthesis.

Lactic acid 10% Keratolytic alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that reduces the thickness of the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum and stimulates thickening of the epidermis and dermis. It increases the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix, firming and moisturizing the skin

 Composition: Pyruvic acid 40% + lactic acid 10%  - pH 0.5


Bottle  50 ml peel,   50 ml post-peel spray