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Salicylic acid peeling for oily and acne prone skin.

 Salicylic acid also regulates sebum secretion, has antiseptic, bacteriostatic and antifungal effects.


Salicylic peel AS salicylic peeling acts directly on the problems of oily and acne-prone skin: whiteheads and defects. The exclusive peeling formula allows it to mix with sebum on the surface of the epidermis and in the follicles. Therefore, it is recommended to use Salicylic peel AS in case of impurities and acne, peeling exfoliates and cleans both the surface of the skin and the pores.


Mesopeel salicylic peels are suitable for all skin types, including dry, prone to hyperkeratinization and oily, prone to acne, comedogenic and / or seborrheic skin. In addition, it is recommended for the body in the upper limbs, back, knees, elbows, etc.

Recommended for oily and acne prone skin.