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AestheFill - polylactic acid

is a Korean preparation intended for intensive tissue stimulation. The product induces collagen synthesis, ensuring the appropriate level of hydration, firming and improving skin elasticity. Thanks to the special properties of particles with a porous structure, AestheFill ensures the most effective collagenogenesis. Wrinkles are smoothed and visible volume is created. The result is noticeable immediately after administration of the drug, and the effect increases within 2 months and lasts up to 2 years. The product is injected directly into the areas of the largest changes or onto the entire face if the skin looks flabby, dehydrated and atonic. The treatment ends with a light massage that evenly fills the inner layers of the dermis with the gel.


induction of collagen synthesis,


wrinkle reduction,

improving tension,





thickening of the skin structure,

for dull skin, with the first signs of aging, with weak tension, over 40 years of age.

area of application:

face, neck, cleavage.


Polylactic acid 200mg.


The preparation should be dissolved in 1.4 ml of solution for injection.


200 mg.


The product may only be used by professionals.