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Ejal Eyes Contour HA Gel is ideal as an aftercare product following aesthetic treatments or after heavy sun exposure.

Ejal Eyes Contour HA Gel achieves a wonderfully natural lifting effect in the eye area. The sensitive, wrinkle-prone skin around the eyes regains a radiantly bright, fresh look. Ejal Eyes Contour HA Gel uses hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights as the active ingredient. This matrix system can be worked into the skin tissue particularly effectively and quickly and therefore ensures quickly visible, long-lasting effects. Ejal Eyes Contour HA Gel is therefore ideal for those who wish to improve the skin around the eyes but do not want to consider an injection treatment. The skin looks fresh, imperfect pigmentation recedes and tired, puffy eye areas are a thing of the past.

Ejal Product Range

Ejal is a range of products from the manufacturer Medixa, based in Nepal, Italy. Based on hyaluronic acid, the products can be used individually or in combination with each other. The Ejal products can be applied both in the form of injection treatments and topically.
Developed after extensive research and with the help of medical professionals, Ejal offers the optimal products for the stimulation of HA receptors. Ejal products are not only rich in hyaluronic acid, but three different molecular weights in a so-called HA matrix system allow the ingredients to penetrate the cell walls of the skin quickly. This means that Ejal products are particularly effective and fast-acting. The easy handling also enables fast and promising results. The bio-revitalisation and regeneration of the skin are the top priorities. In addition, the products from the Ejal range offer the ideal solution especially for dehydrated skin and skin damaged by age or the sun. While Ejal40 is used as an injection product, Ejal Skin Booster HA Rich and Ejal Eye Contour HA Gel are absorbed into the skin through superficial application using a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. We are delighted to be the exclusive distributor of Ejal products.