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Kabelline is an innovative preparation used to locally break down adipose tissue in a non-invasive way. Based on sodium deoxycholate, it destroys subcutaneous fat cells, causing a significant reduction in the circumference of selected places. It also reduces the tendency to reappear adipose tissue at the treatment site. It allows you to obtain immediate effects of a slim face without the need for surgical procedures, improving facial contours and dealing with troublesome fat deposits.

double chin correction,
reduction of flabby skin,
removal of excess fat from the jaw area,
face contour modeling and oval correction,
local breakdown of adipose tissue in the body.

Sodium deoxycholate 10% - an enzyme naturally occurring in the body, leading to the breakdown of fat cells into small particles, which are completely disintegrated when transported to the liver.
Ingredients (INCI):
Sodium Deoxycholate.


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