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MESOESTETIC Mesopeel Melanoplus 30 ml

Mesopeel is the most advanced product line for specialized peels; these are safe, effective products. Easy to use.


Acts on skin proteins and acts on keratocoagulation, which causes the appearance of white marks on the skin.

The effect is such that it improves physiological and mechanical properties of the skin and stimulates the activity of the fibro blasts.

Ferulic  acid:  

A powerful antioxidant of plantorigin.

It provides effective protection for the entire structure of the skin, neutralizes free radicals,

and leads to a strong oxidative stress cell reaction by controlling cell-protecting enzymes.

This reduces the negative effects of UV radiation, counteracting the photo aging process.

Tyrosinase activity is inhibited and the formation of undesired hyperpigmentation is prevented.

Bexaretinyl  complex: 

Chemoexfoliative retinoid increases cell proliferation and components of the extracellular matrix.

This favors melanin degradation, and delivers lightening properties.

It inhibits collagenase production, reduces collagen loss and increases the thickness of the dermis and epidermis.

Kojic  acid: 

A copper chelating agent which promotes tyrosinase enzyme inhibition and has a depigmentation effect.

It softens the skin and does not cause irritation.


  • pigmented lesions:
  • senile lentigo and solar lentigo
  • post-inflammation hyperpigmentation
  • ephelides (freckles)
  • melasma
  • suitable for use on the face, neck, neck area, hands and body


In light of the characteristics of this aesthetic aspect, it is important to have an at home treatment in order to optimize the results. Melanogel touch local depigmentation treatment can be used several times per day in order to inhibit the enzymatic mechanisms affecting the production of melanin.



pH < 1

pH < 1