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Prevent skin ageing by protecting against environmental pollution and the damaging effects of oxidation.

This concentrated formula prevents aging by protecting from oxidising agents and specifically from environmental pollution. These unique ampoules also provide long-lasting moisture that lasts all day.

Benefits of mesoestetic Pollution Defense Ampoules:

  • Long-lasting hydration with Niacinamide & Cross-linked HA
  • Powerful antioxidant protection against environmental pollution
  • Individual ampoules protect active ingredients

The concentrated formula offers protection against daily exposure to environmental aggressions that can lead to premature skin ageing. Mesoestetic Pollution Defence Ampoules block the oxidation process, increasing skin’s protection against harmful environmental pollution.

Upon application, the light-textured formula of the Pollution Defence Ampoules absorbs rapidly to deliver long-lasting hydration alongside other effective active ingredients.

Idebenone is a potent antioxidant with a very low molecular weight that penetrates the skin effectively to provide a complete, deep antioxidant action, helping to support skin’s cell functions.

Croton lechleri Resin Extract stimulates skin’s antioxidant defence system for a stronger and more effective protection against environmental pollution. This ingredient improves skin’s ability to eliminate the molecules caused by oxidative stress to help prevent against skin ageing.

Cross-linked HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is more resistant to degradation, helping to effectively hydrate the outer layers of skin, reducing transdermal water loss & long-lasting hydration.

Niacinamide helps to protect fibroblasts, the connective tissue which produces collagen and other fibres, against environmental pollutants. This is important in helping to prevent skin ageing & strengthens the epidermal barrier function.

The serum is in presented in dark glass ampoules, packaged in a sterile atmosphere, helping to keep active ingredients fresh for the most effective treatment.

How to use:

Refer to packaging for full instructions. Packaging will contain tools required for opening, applying and storing the ampoules.

  1. Open the ampoule using the opener provided on the bottom of the pack. Place on the neck of the ampoule and break.
  2. Fix the plastic neck attachment to the open ampoule, remove the cap, turn it upside down and press the body of the plastic neck to modulate the flow of product.
  3. Apply every morning to clean dry skin before applying your usual Mesoestetic cream treatment.
  4. Spread over the face, neck and neckline and massage until completely absorbed. This should then be followed by the application of a specific sunscreen suited to the needs of the skin type, such as Mesoprotech advanced solutions.
  5. If there is any product left over after application, replace the cap on the plastic neck attachment and store the ampoule in the holder supplied with the pack.

Size: 10 x 2ml