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Perfect Image - Anti-Aging Resurfacing Cleanser - Cleansing gel recommended for all skin types, especially skin with the first signs of aging. A preparation based on TCA, glycolic acid and retinol. Skin cleaning gel, preparation for use with peelings. Used for treatment with acids that smooth and brighten the skin. A combination of deeply penetrating acids and anti-aging ingredients such as retinol is used in the Anti-Aging Resurfacing Cleanser. TCA and glycolic acid contained in the gel are exfoliating ingredients involved in cell renewal processes. Added lavender oil for moisturizing and tea tree oil for protection. The gel regularly evens out fine lines and wrinkles, brightens and firms the skin.


preparation for use with peels,

exfoliating effect,

smoothing the skin,

ingredients for the synthesis of collagen and elastin,

limited restriction,


skin lightening,


for all skin types due to the marking of skin with the first signs of aging.


Glycolic acid - exfoliating and reducing visible discoloration on the skin, belonging to the group of fruit acids, AHA,

TCA - surface peeling, causing necrosis of the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis in a controlled manner,

Retinol - exfoliating effect, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates the proliferation of epidermal cells, has an antioxidant effect and activates fibroblasts and stimulates collagen synthesis,

Malic acid - an acid from the AHA group with properties that brighten discolorations and smooth the skin,

Citric acid - an ingredient with strong chelating and antioxidant properties,

Tea tree oil - has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, used to treat acne, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands,

Lavender oil - relaxing and antiseptic effect,

Green tea extract - an ingredient with antibacterial properties and soothing skin inflammation,

Willow bark extract - stimulates cell division and growth, improves the appearance of photo-aging skin, has excellent astringent properties, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, stimulates microcirculation; an ingredient with microbiological activity against P. acnes makes it perfect as an addition to all acne skin care products,

Licorice extract - deep hydration, protection against UV radiation and whitening properties,

Bearberry extract - has a depigmenting and brightening effect, inhibits the production of melanin.

How to use:

Use the preparation 1-2 times a day for 5-7 days before chemical peeling treatments or 2-5 times a week for daily care. Dispense a small amount of gel into your hand and massage it into your facial skin, paying special attention to problematic areas: forehead, nose and chin. Then wash thoroughly with warm water.

Packaging: 120 ml.