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Sérum T.E.W.L, means Trans Epidermal Water Loss and protects exactly that. This super rich serum will lock in moisture and is highly recommended for lipid-deficient Skin Instants®. Its composition of barbary fig extract, jojoba and sesame oil to protect, and raspberry seed and cranberry seed oil to revitalise and replenish the skin’s surface will give you immediate comfort and protection. A great nurturing serum for colder climates and for use on skiing holidays to eliminate sensations of tightness.


Dry and dehydrated Skin Instants®.

Main ingredients:

  • Lipidic agents: Phytosterols, Cholesterol Sulphate.
  • Protective agents: Sea Buckhorn Berry and Seed Oil Extract, Barbary Fig Extract and Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil.
  • Repairing agents: Raspberry Seed Oil Extract, Cranberry Oil.