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DQ 4D FACELIFT is an innovative PDO thread along with specially designed system of microscopic hooks. Other threads consist of hooks located on only one side.

DQ 4D FACE LIFT are equipped with hooks around the thread in two directions, in so called four dimensions. Additionally, these threads are a great deal thicker than traditional PDO ones, as a result the lifting effect is enhanced. Location of hooks in four dimensions ensures an additional effect of lifting tissues, under the skin the hooks open up and lift saggy tissues giving an efficient lifting.

Result:Lifted and enhanced a patient’s facial appearance.

Presentation: Sterile, Re-Absorbable, COG Polydioxanone 4th generation of medical suture thread with sterile hypodermic needle intendent for single use.

• Face-lifts • Eyebrow lifts • Middle face-lifts • Neck lifts • Cheek enhancement