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DQ-L NOSELIFT is a thorn-shaped COG thread, specially designed for immediate nose lifting and reshaping.

Small barbs are anchored to the dermis of the nose. When inserted, they provide support and lifting of the nasal ridge and elevate a droopy (ptotic) nose tip.

The COGs are thicker and more densely embedded on the thread, which minimizes tissue trauma. It is an easy treatment compared to rhinoplasty.

The L-BLUNT-type cannula was specially created for safely remodeling and lifting the nasal area without damaging the inner skin tissue or capillaries or resulting in bruising or swelling.

Sterile, reabsorbable, COGpolydioxanone medical suture with sterile hypodermic L-BLUNT-type cannula, intended for single use.

• Nose lifting and reshaping • Elevating a ptotic nose tip • Achieving a slim nose ridge (reducing width) • Better definition of the nose