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DQ-LM TIGERLIFT is a delicate mono polydioxanone medical suture with a FLEX L-BLUNT-type cannula, specially created for safely remodeling and lifting periorbital, neck/neckline, and décolleté areas without damaging the inner skin tissues, capillary breaking, bruising, or swelling.

DQ-LM TIGERLIFT smooth threads without barbs are anchored to a point on the face or the scalp.

This monofilament thread can be used as an alternative to dermal fillers used for hydration and collagen stimulation.

Sterile, reabsorbable, mono polydioxanone medical suture with sterile hypodermic FLEX L-BLUNT-type cannula intended for single use.


• Eyes, eyebrows, droopy (ptotic) eyes, and neck lifting

• Reducing sagging around eyes

• Improving dark circles and under-eye bags

• Minimizing the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles