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MONO SCREW UNILIFT single PDO thread is assembled in a spiral form around the needle.

This mono-screw thread is more advanced than a mono-lift threads.

MONO SCREW UNILIFT threads are laced with collagen, which, when entered into the skin, creates rejuvenated skin. The activation of the collagen synthesis gives tightening effects, and along with those effects, skin is rejuvenated, which is the main purpose of this process.

MONO SCREW UNILIFT threads are inserted into the skin in a meshlike pattern, which is the reason the uplifting and tightness comes naturally.

Sterile, reabsorbable, mono-screw polydioxanone medical suture with sterile hypodermic cannula intended for single use.

• Face-lifts

• Eyebrow lifts

• Middle face-lifts

• Neck lifts

• Body contouring (breast, buttocks, arms, and legs)