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DIVES Med. Art. Grade Extreme Lift are Korean COG threads for redermalization and intensive skin lifting. They are made of a single polydioxanone fiber with a system of micro-hooks anchoring in the skin and allowing the tissue to be pulled up and the correct face proportions restored.

Size: 21G - 60mm (Needle) / 90mm (Thread)

Premium threads with a high quality and safety profile confirmed by the CE and KFDA medical certificates.

The threads are made of small incisions that form a network of hooks and after implantation they open pulling on the tissue, thanks to which they are able to lift, pull up and keep the falling tissue in the correct position. The specific structure of the COG thread ensures the most advanced skin lifting, whose effects are comparable to surgical lifting. In addition, the material from which the thread fiber (polydioxanone) is made is a specific tissue stimulator, stimulating the process of neocollagenesis, i.e. stimulation of collagen and elastin - proteins responsible for skin firmness and tension. Scientific studies have also proved the beneficial effect of polydioxanone on the induction of natural hyaluronic acid. Thanks to its stimulating properties, thread treatments bring additional therapeutic effects, especially in skin rejuvenation and firming.

Threads are completely biodegradable within 8-12 months, but the effects obtained last up to 2 years. This guarantees complete safety, without the risk of allergies or hypertrophy and scarring.

DIVES Med. Art. Grade Multi-directional 4D COG Extreme Lift Threads are medical threads for lifting eyebrow skin, forehead and jaw line. Threads with a system of microscopic hooks turned multidirectionally and arranged in a 4-dimensional projection around the thread, placed in a comfortable W-type cannula that reduces tissue traumatization and the risk of bruising. They provide immediate and lasting effect of strong tension and skin rejuvenation.

Indications for use on the face:

- brow lift and eyebrow area

- sagging eyelids

- eyebrow drooping

- drooping cheeks

- correction of the zygomatic area

- sagging skin in the jaw area

Size: 21G - 60mm (Needle) / 90mm (Thread)