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DIVES Med. Art. Grade Premium are Korean threads for redermalization and intensive skin thickening. Made of polydioxanone with the highest quality and safety profile confirmed by the CE and KFDA medical certificate.

DIVES med.- Art Grade PREMIUM - Mono 2x10pcs. 27G, 50mm (Needle) / 70, 5-0 (thread)

PDO (polydioxanone) is a strong fiber used for many years in surgery and aesthetic medicine. It is a specific tissue stimulator, stimulating the process of neocollagenesis, i.e. stimulation of collagen and elastin - proteins responsible for skin firmness and tension. Scientific research has also proved the positive effect of PDO on the induction of natural hyaluronic acid. Stimulating properties, treatments using PDO bring fantastic therapeutic effects, especially in skin rejuvenation and firming. Techniques for introducing threads into the tissue are based on the use of natural skin tension lines, which additionally causes an effect similar to surgical lifting. Polidiocasanone is completely metabolized within 6-8 months, but the effects obtained last up to 2 years. This guarantees complete safety, without the risk of allergies or hypertrophy and scarring.

DIVES Med. Art. Grade Premium Mono Polydioxanone Lift Threads are medical PDO threads for strong skin revitalization. The thread is made of a single PDO fiber combined with a high-quality needle, ensuring safety and ease of implantation.

Indications for use on the face:

* mimic and gravitational wrinkles

* temple and eye area wrinkles

* bags under the eyes and a deepening valley of tears

* forehead and eyebrow lifting

* vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles

* thin, delicate and atrophic skin

* drooping cheeks

* correction of the zygomatic area

* sagging skin in the area below the lower jaw

* smoker's wrinkle correction