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DIVES Med. Art. Grade Premium Mono Screw Eye Polydioxanone Lift Threads are medical PDO threads for intensive skin revitalization. The thread consists of a single PDO fiber spirally twisted and placed in a comfortable boat cannula, guaranteeing safety and simplicity of implantation. Thanks to the cannula, bruising and tissue traumatization are reduced.


Indications for use around the eyes:

- mimic and gravity wrinkles

- temple and eye area wrinkles

- bags under the eyes and a deepening valley of tears

- flaccid skin, thin and atrophic


Alternative indications on the face:

- smoker's wrinkles

- puppet wrinkles

- lion's wrinkle

- forehead lifting

- sagging of the mandible and zygomatic region


Price for the set: 2x10 pcs